Princess Charlotte Radiant White Taffeta Gown with Train

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Introducing the “Princess Charlotte Radiant White Taffeta Gown with Train,” a symbol of timeless elegance and unparalleled grace. This breathtaking long gown is the epitome of classic beauty, designed for moments that demand a touch of majesty and sophistication. Whether it’s a wedding, a formal gala, or an exclusive event, this gown ensures you make an unforgettable entrance.

Crafted from sumptuous white taffeta, this gown stands out with its lustrous texture and exquisite form. The fabric captures the essence of luxury and refinement, ensuring that every movement is accompanied by a subtle, captivating sheen. The design features a chic, sleeveless silhouette that beautifully complements the upper body, while the half-empty back adds an element of allure and modernity, revealing just the right amount of skin.

The gown’s most striking feature is undoubtedly the majestic bow that adorns the back. This oversized bow serves as a focal point, adding a dramatic and elegant touch that is both eye-catching and enchanting. Below the bow, the gown extends into a modest train, gracefully trailing behind you and adding an extra layer of sophistication to your look.

The “Princess Charlotte Radiant White Taffeta Gown with Train” is a celebration of classic design reimagined for the contemporary woman. It invites you to embrace your royal side and step into any room with confidence and poise. Let this gown be your choice for creating moments that are as memorable as they are beautiful.


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Weight 3 kg
Dress Size

3 – 4 Y (100-106cm), 4 – 5 Y (106-114cm), 5 – 6 Y (114-122cm), 6 – 7 Y (120-130cm), 7 – 8 Y (122-132cm), 8 – 9 Y (130-140cm), 9 – 10 Y (132-144cm), 10 – 11 Y (140-150cm), 11 – 12 Y (144-156cm), 12 – 13 Y (150-160cm), 13 – 14 Y (156-168cm)


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