Christmas Top Gifts for Girls

This time of the year everybody's mind is about buying the best gifts for their loved ones. That is why our little boutique is ready for our little girls with the most exciting presents ever.

Huge selection of amazing dresses and shoes, huge selection of colors, everything is ready for you this year to make the most beautiful presents. This year we improve our selectiom of red dresses that make amazing choice for a memorable Christmas photoshoot. Either this event will take place at the kindergarten or at the photo studio for sure all the photos will be amazing.

The surprise of this year is something special. Our dresses match our dolls! We have special made, custom hand made dolls matching our dresses that can be carried away everywhere. This is a limited offer only for Christmas. Choose your dress and choose your matching doll and sparkly shoes and headband. EVERYTHING IS MADE FOR YOUR LITTLE PRINCESS HAPINESS... 😍🥰

Do not forget you can place your order online or contact us on Facebook or Instagram. DELIVERY TO CYPRUS IS 1 day only and International Delivery to any country in the world also available .

Shop for something special this year !

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