Elegance White Tulle and Satin Christiana Princess Dress

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Step into an ethereal dream with our “Elegance White Tulle and Satin Christiana Princess Dress”, an embodiment of grace and sophistication. This immaculate ensemble is a union of timeless charm and contemporary allure, designed to captivate hearts with its understated beauty.

The top, crafted in pristine white satin, seamlessly merges with delicate lace accents, forming an exquisite canvas of refined femininity. Sleeveless and adorned with a discreet zip and single button at the back, this top exudes modern simplicity while embracing classic elegance.

Emphasizing the waistline is a white satin bow at the front, adding a touch of subtle glamour and creating a graceful focal point. The skirt, meticulously crafted, features a sophisticated below-the-knee length with layers of lustrous white satin underneath and off-white tulle delicately cascading on the outside. This combination creates a captivating play of textures and adds an enchanting dimension to your ensemble.

Radiating elegance and poise, this ensemble is perfect for myriad occasions, whether it’s a refined cocktail soirée, an intimate gathering, or a sophisticated event. The “Elegance White Tulle and Satin Christiana Princess Dress” embodies sophistication, making you the epitome of grace wherever you go.


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Weight 1.5 kg
Dress Size

18 – 24 M (88-94cm), 2 – 3 Y (94-100cm), 5 – 6 Y (114-122cm), 6 – 7 Y (120-130cm)


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