Champagne Blossom Lace Tulle Alice Gown

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Step into an enchanting reverie with our “Champagne Blossom Lace Tulle Alice Gown,” a captivating symphony of grace and romance. This gown is a testament to timeless elegance and ethereal beauty, designed to envelop you in sophistication.

The fusion of champagne-hued tulle delicately layered over white satin creates a mesmerizing canvas that embodies purity and grace. Adorned with delicate lace detailing on the bodice, this gown exudes an aura of intricate refinement.

The absence of sleeves accentuates the gown’s enchanting silhouette, allowing the spotlight to fall on the exquisite white flowers meticulously stitched on the bodice. These delicate blossoms cascade down the skirt, lending a sense of whimsical allure and graceful movement to your ensemble.

A magnificent bow at the back, adorned with the same exquisite floral embellishments, serves as a focal point, adding an extra touch of elegance and charm. This gown captures the essence of femininity and romance, making it a perfect choice for sophisticated soirées, enchanting weddings, or any affair deserving of your grace.


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Weight 1.5 kg
Dress Size

3 – 4 Y (100-106cm), 4 – 5 Y (106-114cm)


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