Zulka Our Top Model Star – CocoBee Star


We proudly introduce you our new Top Model Zulka ………

She is 3 years old, and she loves fashion. Her dream is to become a Star!



Zulka Stoyanova is our wild princess that loves passing by our shop and listen to our instruction while posing. She never complains and she always comes with new ideas about what to do in her next photo session. She is already a star as her movies and pictures have many views and top number of likes on our Cocobee social media accounts Facebook, Instagram and Tick Tock.

Zulka runs after her kindergarten and with the help of her magic wand changes the dresses one after the other, looking in the mirror to find her smiles cuter and cuter.



She is a super model as she takes her Job very seriously and never complains. Checking our shop for more and more ideas about how to combine dresses, accessories, and shoes, she makes perfect choices and she indeed look amazing!!!

We wish Zulka a fabulous career and many contracts in the modelling world!

Check out below some of our fabulous movies with Zulka!



This is Little Zulka!!



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